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The DORCAS Society (a member of the LWML) and meets on the third Thursday of every month (except for July & August) at 7:00 pm at Trinity for devotions, a meeting and refreshments.


Twice a year we hold special events; such as a salad/soup/dessert supper. Where each member brings a dish to share, a white elephant gift and we play a game. It loads of fun!


DORCAS also holds two fund raisers a year - Annual Bake Sale and an Annual Cookie Sale in December - to raise money for our monthly mission projects. Ten percent (10%) of our proceeds go to Mites, and of course we support the LWML Mites throughout the year as well.


We also enjoy DORCAS Quilting on the first Monday of every month at 9:00 am in Trinity’s Multi-Purpose Room. If you enjoy this type of activity, we would love to have you join us. All you need to do is bring a brown sack lunch...we provide the material and fellowship!


Throughout the year, the members of the society also assist with other events as needed. We invite “all” women of the congregation to join or attend our meetings, events, fundraisers and quilting gatherings. Occasionally the husbands are invited to the salad/soup/dessert supper, as well. You don’t have to be a member to attend; we would just like to share in the fun and have you come and see what it is we do.


For more information and details please contact:

Vice President – Charlotte Huslage at 636-462-2745

Secretary - Mary Wehmeyer at 636-577-6601

At Trinity we have many great groups for members to join, volunteer and participate in fellowship. We hope you’ll join us!


In conjunction with the 60th Anniversary Committee, the DORCAS Society is doing a service project to benefit the LWML Mites Project. Based on the Biblical account of the widow’s mite (Luke 21:1-4), even small amounts given from the heart, when joined together, can fund the spread of the Gospel and care for God’s people. LWML uses small boxes (called Mite boxes) to gather loose change. The DORCAS Society sends their Mites to the St. Charles Zone where they are joined with other societies to fund large projects. For Mission Goals for the 2021 – 2023 National LWML biennium, $2,436,121.35 was raised. Not bad for a little loose change.


DORCAS has passed out 60 boxes to members of the congregation on August 6th. Filled boxes should be returned on LWML Sunday, October 8, 2023. Sweets and coffee in-between services will be enjoyed!


DORCAS is accepting small change, as well as dollar bills and checks. No amount is too small or large. They ask that you to say a quick prayer for the missions of the LWML when you deposit your change. Their goal is to have 60 boxes returned. Please get one from your friendly DORCAS lady today!


¨ DORCAS Quilting will be held on Monday, October 2nd at 9:00 am. Join us ladies and bring your sack lunch.

¨ DORCAS Meeting will be held on Friday, October 13th at 10:00 am. Due to the MAC Group Outing on the 20th. Please plan to attend!

¨ LWML Fall Rally hosted by Trinity’s DORCAS Ladies on Saturday, October 7th from 8:30 am—12 noon.

¨ LWML Sunday Worship on Sunday, October 8th, with refreshments served in-between services. Ladies wear your purple!


Reminder…in case of bad weather, listen to Troy School closings, as our meeting will be cancelled if Troy Schools are closed.


Questions?  Call Charlotte Huslage at 636-462-2745

Dorcas Christmas Party

Annual Christmas Party

All women of the congregation are welcome and encouraged to join the DORCAS Society.

REMINDER…In case of bad weather, listen to Troy School closings…as our meeting will be cancelled if Troy Schools are closed.  Other reasons, Charlotte will call the members.


SWAMP-IN Apron Donations

Quiltingdorcas 2Dorcas Ladies




June 8-10, 2018

Back Row: Mary W. & Nadine H.

Front Row: Audrey E., Ruth A. & Doris B.


VETERANS Lap Quilt Donations

Cookie Bake Sale

Annual DORCAS Christmas Cookie Sale

Zone Rally


DORCAS Quilting


October 2020

DORCAS ladies donated 30 quilts to the Orphan Grain Train, a recognized service organization of the LCMS!

DORCAS Ladies Luncheon at Village of the Blue Rose

June 18, 2021

Left: Ruth A., Mary W. & Betty J.

Right: Janet R., Debbie M. & Audrey E.

The DORCAS Ladies donated 80 water bottles for the Youth Community Yard Sale Fundraiser, to celebrate it’s 80th Anniversary of DORCAS Society of LWML!